Monday, August 19, 2013

Urban Rogaine and Design Thinking

After late night rugby watching (yay the All Blacks), wonderful 3 hour mtb ride in Woodhill and dinner and fine wine with Lea and Pete I was pretty tired after the weekend rather than refreshed and was looking forward to a week more gentler than the last, but.......

We caught the 8am ferry to the city where the team of 12 (actually 11 as Lisa had a sick child) enjoyed a team breakfast at Mojos in the viaduct (highly recommended) before Lea split us into teams and gave us our clues and maps. Kylee, Jill, Sarah, Di and I headed off to Britomart and started collecting the clues that made up the sculpture trail and performed some great interpretative poses to accompany each sculpture.

 Hard to explain this one
 Park your boat at the hotel
 Ninja Piano Playing
 Lisa joining us with Sir Peter
Megan's Gift (makes sense to me!)

We wended our way from Britomart to the Tank Farm and then back to Mexicalia for lunch. Apart from one glaring error on the map, Lea did a great job with the event, though her team did finish 2 minutes late!

We then headed to Trade and Enterprise where we had a great 2 hour workshop with Peter on putting Design Thinking in action. Megan had to put up with working with me. I don't think I created a great solution for her but thanks, Megan, for a win-win for me re my gift giving inadequacies!

The challenge is to take the learnings from the workshop and answer the "so what?" question with reference to our school establishment plans. Watch this space!

After a relaxing long black it was back onto the ferry for the scoot back to HP. I enjoyed the fresh air on the top deck where I was able to make sure Kylee coped with the trip OK!

Check out Kylee's blog for her account of today.

After a couple of hours getting on top of things at the desk (and enrolling another student) I headed home for a feed made up of ingredients bought from the HP Farmers Market. I then logged onto to Sound FM to register my top 5 albums in their competition to win a great sound system and their top 100 vinyl albums. I must win this!

I case you're interested my current top 5 are:
1. Highway 61 Revisited: Bob Dylan
2. Let It Bleed: Rolling Stones
3. Talking Heads 77: Talking Heads
4. Dark Side of The Moon: Pink Floyd
5. Transformer: Lou Reed

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