Tuesday, July 24, 2007

100 Not Out!

The 30 minute run tonight was my 100th day in a row without missing a run or cycle. To count it had to be a 20 min run or cycle. A couple of times I only just remembered and had to go out at 10.00pm at night!

Lea V and I ran tonight. Kurt and Scotty were supposed to be there and were changed and ready but must've got sick of waiting and went by themselves! Can you imagine that on such an important run.

Some people have team spirit and are supportive of their mates, and then there are those other people!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hanaia MTB Track

Kereru Guarding The Track
Originally uploaded by m0rehu.
Click on here to see a range of photos that show the beginning of a 1k+ MTB track at my place at Hanaia. Imagine cycling around through the native bush (all planted by myself) amongst the native birds (see attached photo of the kereru). 1/2 of it has already been dug. The Boss will soon be sending out an email about the training schedule through to the Round Taupo ride and he will include a working bee afternoon that yoiu might want to be involved in to complete the track. Do some work, have a beer, do some work, have a beer etc then have a BBQ. Watch out for details.

This Sunday the Boss, me, Lea, Jarrod, Barry (who?), Kerr, Brian cycled to the Meremere and return. The pace was on with Barry setting a strong pace all of the way. Jarrod and the Boss won the king of the mountain with the Boss sticking to Jarrod like that sticky stuff that sticks. The downhill was a buzz and we raced home to Hanaia where the Boss led us in a training planning session to prepare for the Motu and Round Taupo. Details will be out soon. Leigh spent the morning walking to Gaskills and back (15k!).

Yesterday Lea and I did opur first paddle of the season. We paddled across Ohiwa harbour to Ohiwa wharf and then turned into a strong tide. Fortunately we were able to pause at Unle Jim's for a beer before the final slog home. 1hr 45 paddling which is a good start.

Watched the All Blacks thrash the Springboks over a nice Mexican meal at Kurt's. Remember it was a Test Match and sometimes it takes 65 minutes to break the nut!

Back to school tomorrow. Yeehah!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Long Time Coming

Lots have happened since the last posting. School things have gone very well and you should go to www.ero.govt.nz from mid-July to read our full report. There haven't been any major cycling adventures since Houpoto, but we have cycled to top of Meremere twice and gone up Amokura. The good news is that of today I have trained 86 days in a row without missing!!

I have added a new link on the side bar. It links to the blog site of our school's Young Enterprise Company who are marketing a marae protocol awareness resource. Go and have a look.