Sunday, February 24, 2008

Motu Taniwha

This was the day the taniwha struck in many disguises. The plan was for 9 of us to ride over the Otipi Rd to the Motu and return. This is a very tough 40k ride climbing from 300m to 850m over 7k then dropping to 250m over 14k to the Motu and then return. Check out The Mad Keen Mountain Biker's Road Trip by Ruth Connor for a great description.

Taniwha 1: At 7.00am Hedley rang to say that he had just backed his van and his and Teleri's brand new MTBs!!! into a post and would not be making the ride that he had organised.

Taniwha 2: Brian didn't turn up. Where were you?

Taniwha 3: On her first MTB ride since her separated shoulder event Lea rode for 30 minutes and then came off as her rear deraillieur snapped off! Look out Hedley, a taniwha is coming your way!

Taniwha 4: The photo shows Rowie in the undergrowth. Destry hit this spot, known as the forks, first, couldn't decide which way to go, so went straight ahead and over the edge. As Rowie arrived he wanted a closer look but misjudged and went over as well. In the most isolated spot in the North Island he ended up with a piece of glass jabbing him in the arse.

Taniwha 5 was a real taniwha. At the Motu I leapt in to a perfect swimming hole for a swim and photo op. I then dived to the bottom to meet a very large eel (1m) face to face. Swinging my arms wildly and kicking in mad panic I shot to the surface like an exocet missile with taniwha in pursuit. I landed on the rocks much to the amusement of Barry and The Boss. Check the photo of the taniwha with the other photos!

Apart from the taniwha it was an awesome ride, but most probably one of, if not the hardest MTB ride I have done. The climbs were relentless of between 1 hr and 2 hours each, but the downhills made it all worth it.

We were also able to offer assistance to two hunters who had a puncture on their 4 wheel motor bike. They used our bike pumps to keep pumping up their tyre. A few broken bike pumps now.

Condolences to Hedley and Teleri. Hope the bikes are fixable and covered by insurance.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sasquatch Interest

The recent postings concerning Sasquatch have resulted in a world wide interest. Check out this link that opens up a whole new world for us to explore

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Sasquatch Hunt Continues

Sasquatch Hunter
Originally uploaded by m0rehu.
The great Sasquatch hunter is dressed for the risky enterprise, armed with the anti-Sasquatch liquid and fully alert. Check out the rest of the photos taken by Hedley at the Round The Lake Relay in Taupo. The last photo shows the secret team member whch Hedley somehow smuggled along who is seen carefully weighing her options.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Sasquatch Roaming The Forests During the 2008 Round Taupo Relay

Originally uploaded by m0rehu.
The Cellar Rats returned to the Round Taupo Relay with a few new comers to defend their proud record. After 14 hours and 32 minutes we crossed the line to be 4th in our division of about 200 teams. We were only 6 mins slower than last year when we finished 3rd.

New records were set by Aaron, Barry, James (though we are requesting a recount as James beat Maurie's record by 4 seconds and it just doesn't seem right) and Racheal. Maurie set an awesome record over 10.1 k, blitzing the previous record for when the leg was 2k shorter!

Everybody gave their all with the new comers seeing what 100% effort 100% of the time really means.

Once again the support from team mates was awesome. Our own prizegiving in the presence of Koro James was an impressive event, but signs that Shane might not see the full evening out were beginning to emerge.

We all danced the night away and made it back to our digs safely with Lea being like a DP and getting everyone on the taxi to get home.

What an event! Check the photos.

Many laps were changed so new records were set over many laps.

Sam Has Left Home

Our middle son Sam has jumped on the plane and flown to Invercargill to begin his Bachelor of Digital Media. I've never been to Invercargill, but I know it is about the furtherest you can be away from Opotiki and home and still be in NZ. What is he saying to us?

Start of School Year

After our first week at school staff relaxed on Waiotahe Beach and dined on fine sausages cooked on the BBQ. It has been a great start with very good NCEA results from last year, a high roll continuing, and a neat group of new staff, including 4 year 1 teachers who look as if they are going to fit right in.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spooky! Can you hear the music from Deliverance?

This series of photos have caused some concern. A pack of hillbillies arriving by suspect vehicle and carrying out strange activities in the Blue Mountains.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brazil Meets Possum

Here is Gabriel being inducted as a possum. The omens are good as it is a rare albino.

Story in previous post and more photos here.

The pace quickens

"The year passes like a worm through the mower; hell for the quick, mincemeat for the slower!" The pace has certainly sped up around here. Just after getting the MTB champs out of the way the focus has shifted to Round Taupo Relay (in 2 weeks) and the prospect of the punishing Colville Connection in March! The weekly road cycle and MTB gut-busting sprints are still going on as well. Added to that, school is also about to begin.

School started with a Teacher Only Day last Friday and the traditional start of year BBQ at my place. We seemed to have a great night with the last going at about 1.30am. Unfortunately Hedley brought his home brew which required an informal "taste-off" with my beautiful creations, which have been in the bottle for about 3 years! I was deeply hurt by the many people from my family and others whom I have considered close friends who made statements suggesting Hedley's brews were better. I can only imagine they were building him up a little and/or had drunk too much and were pissed!

The previous week we had Year 13 Leadership Camp at beautiful Omaio and I will post photos shortly.

We had a brutal, but sort of enjoyable ride today and I will post photos. Myself, the Boss, Brian and Hamish, Karl, Kate, Hedley and the Brazilaian Exchange student, Gabriel, set off from the Boss' and met up with Roger. We plummetted down Amokura, ground up to the top gate, and then charged through (biking and walking) the Upper Paerata section to the trig. The view is outstanding as you will see in the photos. From there it was an awesome downhill, most of the way apart from Old Creamery! back to the Boss' for muffins and coffee where we met up with Leigh, Shirley and Marg who had ridden to the Eucalypts (almost) and back.

What were the highlights?
Karl walking through the ford because I thought he was good. He gave some excuse about his bottom bracket getting too wet recently.

Brian grabbing a recently deceased albino possum and introducing it to Gabriel (see photos).

Brian (again) sailing over his handlebars and over Hedley who had inconsiderately fallen on a mean downhill and left his bike over the track for Brian to hit. The forward roll from a great height was spectacular. Hamish and Gabriel nailed this downhill straight away. Roger and I fell so marched to the top to try again. Roger made it; I had another fall and then nailed the rest of it. My last memory before that fall was Hamish yelling at me to let the brakes go. He's on detention tomorrow!

Students at school tomorrow!!!!!