Sunday, February 3, 2008

The pace quickens

"The year passes like a worm through the mower; hell for the quick, mincemeat for the slower!" The pace has certainly sped up around here. Just after getting the MTB champs out of the way the focus has shifted to Round Taupo Relay (in 2 weeks) and the prospect of the punishing Colville Connection in March! The weekly road cycle and MTB gut-busting sprints are still going on as well. Added to that, school is also about to begin.

School started with a Teacher Only Day last Friday and the traditional start of year BBQ at my place. We seemed to have a great night with the last going at about 1.30am. Unfortunately Hedley brought his home brew which required an informal "taste-off" with my beautiful creations, which have been in the bottle for about 3 years! I was deeply hurt by the many people from my family and others whom I have considered close friends who made statements suggesting Hedley's brews were better. I can only imagine they were building him up a little and/or had drunk too much and were pissed!

The previous week we had Year 13 Leadership Camp at beautiful Omaio and I will post photos shortly.

We had a brutal, but sort of enjoyable ride today and I will post photos. Myself, the Boss, Brian and Hamish, Karl, Kate, Hedley and the Brazilaian Exchange student, Gabriel, set off from the Boss' and met up with Roger. We plummetted down Amokura, ground up to the top gate, and then charged through (biking and walking) the Upper Paerata section to the trig. The view is outstanding as you will see in the photos. From there it was an awesome downhill, most of the way apart from Old Creamery! back to the Boss' for muffins and coffee where we met up with Leigh, Shirley and Marg who had ridden to the Eucalypts (almost) and back.

What were the highlights?
Karl walking through the ford because I thought he was good. He gave some excuse about his bottom bracket getting too wet recently.

Brian grabbing a recently deceased albino possum and introducing it to Gabriel (see photos).

Brian (again) sailing over his handlebars and over Hedley who had inconsiderately fallen on a mean downhill and left his bike over the track for Brian to hit. The forward roll from a great height was spectacular. Hamish and Gabriel nailed this downhill straight away. Roger and I fell so marched to the top to try again. Roger made it; I had another fall and then nailed the rest of it. My last memory before that fall was Hamish yelling at me to let the brakes go. He's on detention tomorrow!

Students at school tomorrow!!!!!

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Hedley said...

It has to be said that Mauries brew is far superior in the many qualities that you look for in a beer; clarity, bubbles, head, aroma. But.....
The mtb ride up to the trig was awesome. I think it is amazing that the first possum that Gabriel saw was an albino! It was even more amazing that Brian bludgeoned it to death in front of our brazilian visitor. I'm sure he'll go home traumatised.