Monday, December 31, 2007

Tangle With Electric Fence

I enjoyed most of the MTB course we rode on Thursday night. There were bits removed and bits added on from last year and I think it is a better course.

All was going well for me until I missed an arrow and found myself heading for an electric fence gate on Roger's farm. I hit the brakes and skidded up to the gate, went slowly onto my front wheel, teetered at the point of balance for a few seconds and tumbled over the handle bars. Unfortunately the bike stayed north of the electric fence and I ended up south of the fence still locked into my pedals. As the top of my head hit the ground the first of three electric jolts surged through my body as I maniacally screamed and kicked to free myself. I rode well from there.

The adrenalin from the electric shock masked the neck pain. Over the next few hours my neck stiffened and 4 days later it is still very sore and I am about 2 inches shorter! Might see a doctor if not OK by thursday, which is when we race the course again.

Three snapper off Maraenui Beach last night while BBQing at Maraenui Clubhouse! Hooked again.

Weather is like those childhood summers. Having a great relax and looking forward to a couple more weeks.

Have a safe and happy new year. Nga mihi i te tau hau!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blue Mountain Blitz

On Sunday before Xmas a few of the crew biked from my place and did the Greenhorns ride in the Blue mountains. I couldn't go because of my leg, but they had such a blast that we organised another ride for Boxing Day and I joined in - no problems with the leg!

It's such a cool ride and the rain over Xmas night made the slippery clay and pine needles downhill even more fun. There were no major falls. The ride back out up the Mangakirikiri with a little extra water in it was a blast. We were all hitting the crossings at pace with Chris, Brian, Ellen taking a swim each. It was good to see Brian's brand new Giant XT2 getting all wet and muddy! Peter had a great ride, twice leaving his bike for a short flight into the mud or scrub. Lea had a technically confidence-boosting ride in the tricky bits, though I did see her put her foot down at least once in the creek.

While having coffee and muffins Leigh, Shirley and Tina then set out with Tina doing our ride and Leigh and Shirley turning around at "the big puddle".

Tonight we have the first of the Thu evening MTB races at Woodlands so should have plenty to tell you soon! The firshing tournament is on at Mararnui this Sat as well, so get out there and support the kura.

See ya!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas

Hello conscientious readers. I haven't done a post for weeks and it has been heartening to see that at least three people have asked me why there has been no postings. There are readers out there!

Been very, very busy. Unfortunately it has all been mainly work with little adventuring going on. That is all about to change. Lea and I are both in the Round Taupo relay which will be a real test of the Code of Silence. We are also part of Barry's 24hour adventure team!! I haven't done much fitness stuff over last 6 weeks but will get into it soon. Have had a minor leg operation and should be running /cycling by end of next week.

Hope everyone has a great summer and gets involved in some neat adventures.

We have had a wonderful year at school.

Our touch team represented the Waikato/BOP region at Nationals where they finished third in NZ and had thre members, Tutere, Shayla and Te Hata, named in the World Youth Cup Academy squad. Our Young Enterprise Scheme Company Kei Te Pai once again represented our region at the Nationals. Katarina was named MWWL Intermediate Girls Whaikorero National Champion, our Community Cadet Unit won the right to represent the Northern Region at the National Skills tournament and then won that tournament to be crowned top cadet unit in the country, our Kapa Haka team, Kura ki Uta, took out the Mataatua Regional Secondary School Kapa Haka tournament and will be at the Nationals next year, Year 13 student Steven was named NZ U18 Body Boarding Tour Champion, our Cricket 1st XI claimed for the first time and still holds the Challenge Trophy, 9 of our touch players are off to represent Mataatua at the Maori touch nationals, Opotiki College students were members of the Opotiki Surf Life Saving Club which was awarded the London Trophy for their attaining the highest level of lifesaving awards, Year 11 student, Turoa, was awarded a William Wallace Award in Wellington for overcoming hardship and turning his life around, Year 11 student Matthew attended the Australian Junior National Wheelchair Championships, entered 8 events and got 8 medals, the Girls 1st XI Soccer team won the Pullar Cup for the first time, our 1st XV had a very successful tour to Australia, Mania and Sam represented East Coast and Waiariki at Youth Parliament, Rkanoid made the regional finals of the Smokefree Rockquest, three students, Dylan, Te Amo and Te Hata, were selected in the New Zealand U17 Rugby side and 9 students have attended Outward Bound.

What a great school!

Keep checking the blog.