Monday, December 31, 2007

Tangle With Electric Fence

I enjoyed most of the MTB course we rode on Thursday night. There were bits removed and bits added on from last year and I think it is a better course.

All was going well for me until I missed an arrow and found myself heading for an electric fence gate on Roger's farm. I hit the brakes and skidded up to the gate, went slowly onto my front wheel, teetered at the point of balance for a few seconds and tumbled over the handle bars. Unfortunately the bike stayed north of the electric fence and I ended up south of the fence still locked into my pedals. As the top of my head hit the ground the first of three electric jolts surged through my body as I maniacally screamed and kicked to free myself. I rode well from there.

The adrenalin from the electric shock masked the neck pain. Over the next few hours my neck stiffened and 4 days later it is still very sore and I am about 2 inches shorter! Might see a doctor if not OK by thursday, which is when we race the course again.

Three snapper off Maraenui Beach last night while BBQing at Maraenui Clubhouse! Hooked again.

Weather is like those childhood summers. Having a great relax and looking forward to a couple more weeks.

Have a safe and happy new year. Nga mihi i te tau hau!


Teds said...

you poor thing, I hope your well to ride on thursday again, we always enjoy hearing about yours or taylors mishaps

Eryn said...

Electric fences are not recommended.

Remember not to pee into plug sockets either, as this has a similar effect... (chortle)