Thursday, January 3, 2008

MTB Mayhem

This MTBing on Thursdays at Woodlands is fun! In the previous post you would have seen my involvement with the electric fence. What happened this week?

Roger promised to turn off the electric fence but when Shirley fell off in the thistles and encountered the fence she discovered Roger had been remiss!

Kerr did a Brian. Last week Brian went off with a rip and a snort at the start and at the first corner headed off in the wrong direction until I called him back. Could it happen again I hear you ask? I was happily telling this story before the start and Kerr laughed along with everyone else.

At the start he stole the march with a rolling attack, let out a whoop and took off at a rate of knots and went straight ahead without turning!!! He never did catch up again.

Lea V managed to hang on grimly to my back tyre until we hit the farm. As I was pulling away I heard a bit of a yelp but thought nothing of it. She had hit a small ditch in the grass, sailed over her handlebars and did some serious damage to her shoulder. Thankfully Dr Kerr was there and told her to take 2 disprins and see him tomorrow and then carried on. Thnakfully an LA Fire Dept Paramedic and a neuro surgery nurse were sitting on the hill watching (seriously) and along with Lyn took them to Lyn's and called the ambulance.

After the ride Iwas given the choice of having a cold beer or checking out if she was OK. No contest: I had the beer (and then Leigh and I checked on her). She was getting way too much sympathy at Lyn's so I tried telling her to get tough - though I think she was really hurt. Look out for photos.

Leigh had a great ride taking off 5 minutes from last week. Brian is still going like a flying hamster on his new bike. Jarod continues to consider me to be an awesome athlete by handicapping me out of any chance. Though I grizzle, I appreciate the high regard in which he holds me!!

Planning to take Leigh and Shirley over the Green horns this Sat and then paddle with Brian. On Sunday we plan to take on the Gnarly Old Hands. I promise to take the camera as I know you like the photos.

Is there anyone out there?


Eryn said...

Happy New Year Maurie, we're here

E, J and A

Megan said...

Me too! Loved the electric fence story as well - it seems quite easy to picture you laughing maniacally!

Me said...

Awesome story's. Loved it, and yes I do hold you in high regards (if thats the way it written, either way youknow what I mean). I am yet to study the times from last night but you should be doing alright in the group I put you off with last night...apart from Tina, yes she's an Armstrong so if you can stay on her wheel on single track...your doing very well. Remember though..her bike weigh's 5kg les than the rest of our alloy things. I didn't realise Kerr was actually listening to your story about brian last night...and then he goes and does the same thing. That was one of the funniest things i've seen. What really made it was how he had a 20m lead before you all even got on your bikes. Great atmosphere last night......some really good old kiwi fun!!