Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Taupo Training

First big group turned up tonight to train for Round Taupo Relay. Racheal walked and daughter Louise jogged beside her. Jarrod, Hedley, Destry ang myself set off running the Woodlands circuit where we were pleased to come across James training. We met up with Peter who joined us. Man it was hot. At the end Jarrod and Hedley added on a small 3k loop as well.

It was very hard work, but at least we are under way. Barry turned up at the end "carrying a small injury" and promised to train next week. If I find out the others headed off for a cold beer afterwards, look out.


leahcar said...

Who were the "others" - I went home for a cold one and Louise jumped in the pool - its Rachael

RachAEl ok

Jarrod said...

Oooo yea, you better get that name spelt right. I hate writing the Rachael's and Michael's of thi world, not one ever seems to be the same spelling.
Maurie I can happily say I went home, finished off mowing the lawns then had a ice cold Horleys Replace drink, added with somedinner.

Trek 4 Fun said...

Principal Possum,
Great Blog! It looks like you and your groups have a great time. I’ve enjoyed reading about your different adventures, training and such. You live in a beautiful area and it looks like you take full advantage of that.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm? cold beer after? Destry and I are doing our best to cut down. We would have invited you, but we saw the response from Leigh on MTB thursday. Safer if you just went home. Great run. Hedley