Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Woodlands Cycling

Despite the heavy drizzle over 50 turned up for the tuesday night cycle around Woodlands. There were a few highlights. Leigh cruised up to the gathering area, came to a halt and forgot to take her feet out of the pedals and hit the tarseal in a pile of maniacal laughing and bruising. The boss biked to Maraenui and back this morning then raced around the Woodlands circuit to finish 3rd and drop yours truly 200m from the end. The boss and I picked up Lucy and Rick 1/2 way around and dragged them to a good time.

It's a great atmosphere at this weekly event. Now we have to turn up on Thursdays as well to kill ourselves on the MTB circuit! What with the Round Taupo crew having to meet and run on Wednesdays our week is certainly fill of sporting activity with a neat group of Opotiki people.

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