Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blue Mountain Blitz

On Sunday before Xmas a few of the crew biked from my place and did the Greenhorns ride in the Blue mountains. I couldn't go because of my leg, but they had such a blast that we organised another ride for Boxing Day and I joined in - no problems with the leg!

It's such a cool ride and the rain over Xmas night made the slippery clay and pine needles downhill even more fun. There were no major falls. The ride back out up the Mangakirikiri with a little extra water in it was a blast. We were all hitting the crossings at pace with Chris, Brian, Ellen taking a swim each. It was good to see Brian's brand new Giant XT2 getting all wet and muddy! Peter had a great ride, twice leaving his bike for a short flight into the mud or scrub. Lea had a technically confidence-boosting ride in the tricky bits, though I did see her put her foot down at least once in the creek.

While having coffee and muffins Leigh, Shirley and Tina then set out with Tina doing our ride and Leigh and Shirley turning around at "the big puddle".

Tonight we have the first of the Thu evening MTB races at Woodlands so should have plenty to tell you soon! The firshing tournament is on at Mararnui this Sat as well, so get out there and support the kura.

See ya!

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