Monday, August 12, 2013

My Brain

According to Hermann I'm a 1,2,1,1 brain. My thinking style preferences have me mainly in the quadrant that is described as Imaginative, Spatial and Intuitive, followed closely by the quadrant that is described as Logical, Analytical, Rational and Factual and the quadrant described as Expressing and Interpersonal. The 4th quadrant is not as strong, but still significant and is described as Detailed and Organised.

The summary of this particular combination of quadrants identifies work that would be most satisfying as including solving tough problems, explaining things, taking risks, designing, seeing the big picture, being part of a team and helping people.

That description almost perfectly describes the job I'm trying to do now! Makes me even more confident!

However, what makes me even more confident is that the Senior Leadership Team is really well-balanced and that our desire to attract a wider team of visionaries who care about people has been achieved.

Other highlights of today:

  • 2 of the team drilled down through their beliefs about learning and came up with, "Personally significant learning is powerful learning". Yeehah!
  • Julia's reminder to not be practice driven, rather be driven by values and principles

I'm happy with my brain, Hermann, but after today it hurts (with pleasure)!

Tomorrow's job: appoint more staff. The fun and excitement just keeps on keeping on.

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