Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gpilseo! Guacamole!

After a small, controlled, positive melt-down thingy within the SLT we emerged from our cave to another outstanding life story. This time from Lisa.
After having experienced the stories from all of our team some common themes have emerged. Family has been central in all of the stories, as well as a sense of space and belonging to place. The influence of parents, in particular, along with siblings and best friends has been obvious in the telling of the stories.

I then did my best to impress the team by explaining the GPILSEO (Goal, Pedagogy, Institution, Leadership, Spread, Evidence, Ownership) model of Change Leadership which is central to the Te Kotahitanga programme. It was my attempt to provide a framework for the work that we were all doing. I was particularly impressed with my whiteboard work which is going from strength to strength in this supportive environment!
Di then led the team through a process of drilling down further through the principles and practices which support the promotion of our values of Excellence, Inquiry, Connectedness, Collaboration and Innovation. It soon became apparent that many of the principles supporting one value were also present in supporting others. I once again called upon my 'whiteboard reveal' skills to produce an outstanding diagram to capture all of this. However, I had to quickly concede that the diagram produced by Lea, Yasmin and Sarah was superior to mine!
The afternoon had a different focus as I met with Annette to discuss the PA appointment process, got tsunamied by Peter from Hawkins around filling out a form no-one knew where it was so we could be UFBed. (Thanks for finding the form, Claire) and then enrolled another family totally committed to our planned model of teaching and learning.

I'm still feeling like the the luckiest Principal in the world as I work with our team, shifting out of actively participating and then stepping back to observe. I have been particularly impressed with the way in which everyone is allowing all of the team to contribute to the thinking and the discussing. Tino pai!

Make sure you check out their reflections in their blogs linked to this blog. Recent posts on our work and their thoughts are from KyleeSteve, Megan and Jill.

The highlight from today was this photo taken from inside my pocket.
One of 14!

See you apopo!


Lea said...

I only hope you can keep these quality posts going.

Karen Melhuish Spencer said...

Really enjoying these honest, warm reflections, Mauri. The selection of the GPILSEO is a powerful choice - would love to hear more about how that's rolling through your planning. Cheers:)