Thursday, August 22, 2013

In The Zone

A big focus for the last 4 weeks has been about getting to know each other while, at the same time, developing common understandings around the values and principles that will support our teaching and learning. It has been neat to be using a range of getting to know each other activities which help us develop these common understandings and to see that these activities will be great to use with our learners.

Sally's latest blog posting points to the importance of connecting strongly with learners before too much learning is attempted. It was serendipitous to read this before we launched into our morning activity.

After watching an awesome clip from Billy Elliot when he talked about feeling like 'electricity' when he was in the zone and dancing Lea sent us for 20 minutes to create a sculpture which represents each of us in the zone. Despite having heard everyone's life stories we learnt even more about each other.

 Kylee and Claire's sculptures: Time Out of Control and Blah, Blah!

 Lea Living in a Bubble
 Being A Dork
 Yasmin's Heart Bursting
 Lisa's World: Sea, running on the land and writing
 Sally's Whare Tapuwha

 Sarah's Swartzenegger Explosion
 Steve's Physical Bellich-like world
 Annette lost in the garden
Megan converging
Claire then led us through a great exercise on developing our shared understanding of personalised learning. Di had adapted a power point that Sean from Western Springs College had shared with us last week. Once again, using our circle approach we came close to a common definition of personalised learning.
The week has gone very quickly yet Monday does seem so long ago. I think this means we have covered a lot of territory this week. It feels like we are fast approaching that bit where convergence and divergence intersect and we're about to burst through to another other side. Hang on tight!

You might not hear from me for a couple of days as Leigh and I off to Wellington tomorrow to watch the All Blacks!!!

Happy Birthday, Mum.

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