Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Exploring Leadership/Bursting Through The Other Side

After a great 3 hour workshop on leadership facilitated by Di I felt a bit of a dork when I was asked to sum up and I blurted out the excitement I was feeling because I thought we were on the verge of bursting through the other side after weeks of deschooling and deep exploration of vision, values, principles and practice. So much for my contribution to this important workshop! I think all of the talk about Miley Cypress and her twerking must have gotten to me!

The others did some great work, however, as can be seen in this link

The workshop started with an exercise which got the team thinking about the difference between leadership and management.
We then looked at the principles of ako, manaakitanga, pono and awhinatanga and explored what each of these meant.
After lunch, along with Lisa and Sharyn, I met with a group of Christchurch Principals where we shared our thoughts about our common approach to teaching and learning. It was great to be able to respond to their questions. Such an activity allows you to further clarify your own thinking.

From there I joined Lea and Claire with Heather from Ormiston who is an E-Fellow and had a general discussion on thinking how to develop an integrated approach to our curriculum. Di was supposed to join us but as you can see she was in deep discussion with Megan and Sarah.
I'm keen to find out what they were talking about!

After a couple more enrolments I headed home and managed to fit in a wee jog before dinner.

Looking forward to tomorrow as the pressure that will force us through to the other side continues to build. At the end of the day I'm off to a conference in Taupo to reacquaint myself with the Minister and to do some learning with Jennifer Berger and Jan Robertson.

Principal Possum might go quiet for a few days.

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