Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fun Just Keeps Coming!

I had a real feel good feeling going on all day today. By 9.00pm last night I had made all of the calls offering teaching positions at our school. The 7 successful candidates were all excited and reacted passionately and positively. As individuals they all have an open mindset and are passionate about what we are trying to do. As a group they are diverse and will add to the diversity of our existing group. Knowing how even stronger our team is going to be and feeling really pleased with the process we ran has put me in a contented place.

Today was usual business with Finance Meeting to kick the day off followed by 2 more enrolments (now 71). It was great to hear a father say that he hoped that in our sort of environment kids will be addressing us by our first names. This was in contrast to a mother who hoped we would consult the community on that issue as she had some strong views on it!

I am continuing to be impressed with the open-minded approach of the parents so far to what we are going to try to do. Many are reflecting on the boredom and irrelevance of their secondary school experience and some are comparing what we are offering with what is occurring for their older children in existing schools. They resent the inability to have regular, relevant feedback from schools and feel, in many cases, that the schools don't want them too involved. I have promised we will be different!

Steve and I went on a tour of our new school with some MOE suits. Even more progress is being made. I was so impressed with the full glass walls I saw. This made the place more visible and even larger.

The school day finished off with a BOT meeting about which I will keep my thoughts private, but it was positive. Unfortunately it was a bit long and I arrived at the Primary School parent workshop as it was finishing. I'm sorry, primary colleagues, for missing what I have been told was an awesome workshop. You guys, rock.

Time to go home. See you apopo.

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