Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tired But Not Weary

What I missed about today was a formal catch-up with the whole team. We didn't meet first thing because the SLT began interviewing again at 9.00am and needed time to get Lex up to speed on the candidates. As well, the LOLs were very clearly up to speed with what they were working on. You can check their thoughts on their work in their blogs. After our interviews we spent time making decisions about the appointments and by then it was the end of the day. I think I missed being together as a team.

As for the SLT it was a great day as we concluded our appointment processes. We interviewed another set of great candidates and by the end of the day we had settled on our 7 successful candidates. I'm not only rapt with the quality of the staff who will be joining us next term but very impressed with how the SLT worked so professionally, confidently and competently through this important process. I can't wait to skite about our new people. I also acknowledge the great qualities in those candidates we were unable to appoint.

I then went on to enrol another 6 families during the evening. This has been such an affirming process as all of the families are very excited by the vision of learning we have talking about. I feel very pleased with the strong level of consultation and information-sharing we have gone through with our prospective parent community. It has been hard work and sometimes challenging, but I think is already paying off.

Tomorrow will bring another round of excitement beginning with a Finance Meeting at 8am and concluding with a BOT meeting at 6pm. In between our LOLs will visit Albany Senior High School and we'll all have a catch-up after lunch.

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