Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Strumming, reflecting and sharing

This morning's highlight was yesterday's rogaine teams sharing their presentations of the interpretative photos of the sculptures. They make great viewing. This one is from the team which came second.

This Brilliant Britomart is from the team that came first.

The day actually started with a beautiful ukulele rendition of Lean on Me and was followed by Sarah and Annette sharing a report on their meeting last week with the Sustainable Business network. They have made some strong connections and are planning and plotting to ensure our school follows sustainable practices. Claire then reported on her time last week in Wellington where she visited the National Library, connected re Creative Commons and presented at the Core Breakfast. She has come away with a great connection with a researcher on integrated learning models in secondary schools and may have encouraged an invitation to be involved in how NCEA's potential to support future-focused learning can be best realised.

The SLT then met with Noeline Wright from Waikato Uni who is studying and supporting our journey over the next 4 years. During my 30 minute session with her she asked me to reflect on our progress to date. I was able to provide evidence (parent voice) on how successful we had been in sharing our vision of teaching and learning for our school. I also spoke proudly of the development of our SLT and the joy I was having in watching the DPs finally having people to 'lead'.

During the afternoon we had the privilege of hearing Kylee's and Steve's stories of their lives.

Experiencing Kylee's Story

Enrolled another couple of students today. One student turned up with pink hair and cat's ears on her head and was impressed that such a show of individuality would not only be accepted, but also encouraged. They loved the story I told them about my ex Head Boy Toiroa and his blue mohawk.

Looking forward to sharing a little about GPILSEO with the team tomorrow and a mtb ride in Woodhill in the dark!

I'll let you know how it all goes.

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