Sunday, January 18, 2009

Te Waiti With a Hangover

Barry's 40th was last night and I know I should know better, but I had a hell of a hangover on Te Waiti this morning!

This photo shows where Samantha went over the edge attempting to ride the slip that we all (apart from Shane Armstrong!) walk. Sam, who is at the front here, was only prevented from plummetting at least 10 metres down this slip by the protruding ponga log sticking out in the foreground.

The Boss, Roger and Hedley headed off from town, while David, Samantha and I drove to the Pakihi East bridge, and then Ross picked us up closer to Te Waiti where we met up with Teleri and Kate who drove to the start because they had Bruno the dog.

This is a spectacular track with some fine native bush riding, some scary steep falling away from the track stuff, some tricky and slippery creek crossings, small bridges and larger creeks to cross. Check out the photos here.

I only went over the edge once but Hedley was there to save my bike. I never thought I would be so pleased to land with legs either side of a tree at the top of the drop off!

The hangover made it hard work and my head felt every bump on the ride. I also got little sympathy. All enjoyed this beautiful ride with Teleri testing her little fear of heights in places.

It was great not to have to ride all the way home into a strong northerly and heavy squall as the Boss, Hedley and Roger did. We then enjoyed very strong coffee and cakes and muffins (thanks Ross and Roger) back at Hedley and Teleri's.

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