Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Day in The Redwoods

Leigh, Lucy and her friend Sam, and I had a great day in the Redwoods today. This photo shows Sam and Lucy racing around the berms on the perfect tracks in the Redwoods in Rotorua. Click here for the rest of the photos.

Leigh spent her time riding the Tahi, Creek and Dipper several times for about 3 hours.

Me and the girls headed off over Tahi, Creek, down Mad If You Don't and then slugged it out for about 45 mins up Hill and Tawa Rds to the top of Billy T. This was an awesome 10 min grade 4 swoop down some neat but bumpy and tricky trails. We then hurtled down G Rock, Chestnut, the Rollercoaster, Chop Suey, Spring Roll and Stir Fry before hurtling down the great Be Rude Not 2 and then finishing on the sweeping berms of The Dipper.

All-in-al we were cycling for 4 hours! Tomorrows race from Magpie Park to Torere and return is looking like hard work now.

We had a great day in Rotos finishing up with a humungous feed at Fat Dog.

To top it off, when we dropped Sam off her Dad, David, offered me the use of his Giant TCR as he was sick of my grizzling on the blog about my heavy hunk of steel!

Maybe tomorrow's ride mught not be as bad!

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