Saturday, January 3, 2009

Super Seven!

Seven superbly honed athletes were able to successfully manage the tight, downhill hairpin on the goat track on Friday's MTB ride. There ere a couple of firsts: Brent is the only rider to fail on his first attempt, walk back to try again, look down the track and then walk it again! Barry is the only rider to walk it from 20 metres before it even starts to drop.

The super seven are me, Jarod, Aaron, Dion, Roger (on second attempt), Ben and Karl.

Ben also impressed the crowd with a clean leap over The Mud Hole and in the process bent his seat post!

The bush section was very slippery and provided some specatcular slips and falls. Roger had the best dismount, leaping clear off his bike to avoid travelling with it into the creek. David slipped out of control and took the photographer out! Further down the track Jarod had a spectacular crash negotiating the mud. But like several other intrepids throughout the ride he didn't let it beat him and he had another successful attempt.

The photos are on flickr but I must have bumped a setting and many of them are in large format so I hope they don't take too long to download.

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