Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Outstanding MTB Adventure With The SOBS

This picture of Sam anticipating the next few seconds is what our adventures are all about!

Today, Shirley, Boss, Nicole, Karl The Visitor, David and Sam joined me, Leigh and Lucy for coffee at Hanaia before we headed off up the Motu Rd, Gaskills Rd and Block Access Rd to journey down the Mangakirikiri and out the Pakihi. We met up with Grant and Dog on Block Access Rd.

We hurtled down the Mangakirikiri track with Lucy and Sam catapaulting into a prickly bush, Karl going over the handlebars after running into a low-hanging branch which David then hit and got bloodied and thrown from his bike. Karl, Sam and I also came to grief attempting to ride the slippery logs.

The 40+ creek crossing were quite difficult with a lot of water and rocks. Leigh impressed with a growing confidence and technical ability. Unfortunately Shirley insisted on following my advice and ended up having a couple of swims with one involving a painful knee knock!

The final creek crossing is in the photo attached where most of us attempted an impossible crossing. I hope to receive Karl's photos of my complete submerge on my second attempt (and then destroy them!)

We then rode back to town for coffee and muffins at Two Fish (thanks for having a credit card, Nicole) before the final haul home for Xmas cake.

Check out the full set of photos here.

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