Friday, January 9, 2009

Hectic Week

On Monday night a few of us gathered at Marg's for a dinner to farewell Pete who is off counting fish for 7 weeks down in Timaru.

On Tuesday it was road cycling night and once again my big hunk of steel (i.e. my road bike) proved burdensome over the last k where I find it difficult to foot it with the others in the sprint over the final hills. Those buggers who don't take their turn at the front early on need to lie awake at night feeling guilty. This sort of riding should be a team sport where we all work for the good of the group.

Wednesday saw our first Round Taupo Relay traing run. This was quite difficult with Jarod, Destry and Brian setting quite a torrid early pace while Rachel walked off for her training. We managed the Woodlands loop in 30 minutes which is quite solid for our first run. I immediately developed my regular back and hip aches so Leigh dragged me off to buy new shoes to replace the sad, old tired three year old ones.

It all caught up with me on Thursday's mtb race where I finished last. I did the High Course and struggled in the heat though I managed to ride as much of the uphill as I usually can. The goat track was as awesome as always but I did slip a pedal coming out of the hairpin and further on my haandlebars hit the side and I nearly bounced over the edge. The bush section was not as slippery as it has been but I did have 2 falls. The second fall resulted in my chain ring punching into the back of my calf and tearing flesh. It was a painful ride to the finish.

I'll attempt a run this morning if my calf is ok. Today brings doing maintenance on Lucy's bike to prepare for a day in the Redwoods tomorrow and helping Lucy to prepare her room for painting (a green aand purple ombination - that's my girl!) As well, Lucy and I plan to go fishing with Kurt this afternoon and evening,


Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Didn't recognize the old man on the run this morning until he spoke!

Rachael said...

Maurie if you just slow down on the bike you fall off less!

Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Yea right