Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maraehako Holiday

Last week we spent Wednesday to Saturday camping at Maraehako, a wonderful piece of paradise we try to get to every year. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and after setting up camp and cooking dinner we sat around the fire with the Shove's, Pease's and Destry and Nicky.

The next morning, after a run, I decided to explore likely fishing spots in the kayak after listening carefully to the fireside talk. I planned to not be a whimp and paddle out in open sea. The sea was perfect so I spent 90 minutes paddling up to a k off shore, heading east for 3 ks and then back west and around Whanarua Bay where I was attacked by a jet fighter-pilot-like seagull about 8-10 times. I had to beat it off with my paddle.

That afternoon we went fishing around the rocks. We saw some good-sized fish, but only managed to pull in a very small snapper which was sent back to grow. That night we tried surf-casting but just got dealt to by small fish.

I was up and gone by 7am the next morning and was concerned to see there was quite a swell running so my plans to head out to open sea were shelved and I decided to drift along fishing close to the far eastern point of the bay.

I immediately caught a small trevally which I cut up for bait and then promptly landed 3 nice tarakihi, losing at least 2 other good fighters. That was enough so after hooking another trev for tomorrow's bait I headed in after having hunted and provided.

After fishing we wandered up to the Macadamia Cafe at Whanarua for lunch. We then had another afternoon enjoying the process but not the product of fishing. After a great feed of fish that night we joined with the firesiders and had a few beers watching an impromptu fireworks shows ans spotting sputniks.

The next morning was even rougher so I went to the same place. It was quite uncomfortable with a swell and strong wind. I lost my first tarakihi over the side as I was transferring it from net to sack but caught another and a good sized trev which we brought home and had for tea.

We had a great time away and got back in time to go to Barry's 40th, hence the hangover today.

Check out the photos from Maraehako.

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