Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update From Gatwick

We were only delayed for an hour so when we put the clocks back one hour we arrived at 1.00am giving us almost 5 hours before our departure. The flight from Barcelona was straight forward with a few bumps over the Pyrennes. We both managed to doze most of the way. I had to put a body block on a senora who was trying to push past as we were trying to get off the plane.

Because our flight is so early I was able to check our bags in straight away. I'm pleased that we decided to pay a little extra and get priority boarding on Easyjet so we get early choices of seats rather than a mad scramble.

I managed to do a little dozing at Gatwick, but it started to get quite noisy from 3.00am and also a little cool. It's now 4.30am and we should be boarding in about 45 minutes. There are quite a few kids around and they are doing lots of squarking!

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