Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing Opotiki College

It is certainly great to be having a break from principalship and, on reflection, without this experience I don't know how much longer I could have gone on. I think this is more obvious now that I am actually taking a break and that if I hadn't I would have carried on, business as usual.

Despite enjoying the time away I am missing the kura. The enjoyment of the break is most certainly, in a large part, due to knowing that Robyn, with the support of Lea and Hone and many of the rest of the staff, will be doing a great job. The school has a strong kaupapa which all of the important people in the school are committed to.

I know that Robyn and the team will be facing many challenges, as is the case in a school like ours, but things will be moving ahead very well. I feel for her as many big decisions re timetable and staffing have to occur while I am away. Perhaps these jobs will get done properly for once!

The emails I have received from Adrian and Trish have kept me a little in the loop re computer networks and hardware and Tae Kwan Do and YES. Also getting everything that goes to group-teaching keeps me smiling. About 26 days to go before home.

Then there is writing up the sabbatical report and the visit to Australia!

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