Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Full Day in Penang

Leigh relaxing by pool at Penang.

Pool surroundings.

Beach from pool area.

Hotel from beach.

Monday 25 August
Believe it or not this feels like the first day off on the whole trip. We were at breakfast at 9.30 and beside the pool at 10,30. Out in front of us on the beach there arte a whole line of touts selling watersports activities (parasailing, jetskis etc) and horse riding and massages. As soon as you approach the beach they hit you like a pack of sharks.

We spent the morning swimming and sunning and watching the touts ande other tourists in action. There are enough bikinis to keep a bloke interested. The oddest are the large number of muslim women in full burkhas accompanying their husbands who are in togs. Some swim, but in full body suits.

Around lunch we wandered off to find an ATM and had some curry puffs, bought off a roadside stall for lunch, followed by an espresso bought at a small western style cafe run by a Malay family.

On our return I taught Leigh how to create a blog as she is planning to create a library one to act as a newsletter and then to develop a wiki for kids to put book reviews etc on. A link to her blog is on my principalpossum site.

If I can show Terry and Leigh how to do it I am confident that I can get all staff to do so with the aim of developing class blogs and wikis next year.

We then returned to the pool for swimming and lolling and then a walk along the beach We only really got hassled once by a tout, but he did go away.

Shortly we will visit the food etc hawkers down our road. This should be quite chaotic.

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Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Enjoy your those relaxing days Maurie. Great to see Leigh's blog.