Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Monday 11 August
Last night we had a nice feed at the local Il Granaio Pizzeria. Leigh and Dallas both had a very nice Ravioli with meat sauce, Terry had wild boar and I had a range of grilled pork cuts.

This morning we had a late start and headed towards Montepulciano in the south of Toscana. The trip went quite well with only one drama leaving the main road a bit soon and having to renavigate. We stopped at Pienza first, which is prized for cheese, especially ewe's cheese.

It was another walled and stone village on top of a hill. I had a pee, ate a panini thing, drank a coffee and then we left. I am starting to get over these villages!

We then drove the 10 minutes to the much larger Montepulciano which is famous for its wines, especially Nobile. There were great views out over the Tuscany countryside. The highlight was a walk through the wine cellar of Contucci (, a sample of their wine and the purchase of a bottle of Contucci Vino Nobile de Montepulciano 2004.

We then decided to head home following a different route. The road that took us to the motorway took us there but did not allow access to the motorway so we had to backtrack. We then zigged and zagged north to Siena, but instead of exiting on a main road we drove through Siena and ended up heading towards Florence. We stumbled across a road that headed towards our village of Radicondoli where we bought some provisions for our pasta feed back at the villa.

After a quick dip aand couple of beers we enjoyed a pasta and sausage meal.

Our plan tomorrow is to go to Florence for Lucy's birthday and this will require an early start,

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Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Great to read your latest news, only this lot has taken a bit of time to read, & I'll probably be late for work now. That's OK, cos the boss is away. Are you also writing a report for food mag? Your epicurean references are pretty impressive. Enjoy the great weather. It's atrocious here, with more to come.