Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Full Day in Rome

Tuesday Update
Leigh and I headed off in one direction and Terry and Dallas in the other this morning. We metroed to Plazza di Popoli and wandered around lo0oking for gifts fror people. We bought some neat Italian glass things thet people wear around their necks and wrists.

I've been hunting all day for an Italian Rugby beanie for thje Boss and so far have only found an Italian Rugby cap. It may have to be that.

After checking emails and updating the blog we bought a beautiful tomato and mozarella focacia thing which we ate in Plazza Pinesse which was an open air fruit and vegetable market. This was an neat part of town we hadn't been to before.

We spilled out at the Campidoglio which seems to be where many roads lead to to find police and barricades and TV cameras everywhere. It looked as if someone famous was expected. It was too hot for us to hang around.

We wandered around getting a little lost looking for a dress that we had seen the other day for Leigh, but as of yet have not found. I was a little annoyed when she said at some point that it wasn't important to find it! I think she was feeling the heat – 32 degrees at 10.00am!

Thankfully we found an Irish Pub! so I could have a beer and cool off.

It was about 3.30pm so we decided to head home and do some packing and rearranging as the bags are getting fuller. It was a good decision as we were able to see Nick Willis snatch and hang on for the bronze in the 1500m! What a huge effort!

Terry and I are now going to head off and see if we can check-in online for tomorrow's flights.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maurie - Just to let you know "there is someone out there". Everyone comments that your blog is all about what you eat and drink - so I'll tell you what we ate and drank at the Rocquette last night. Nah, perhaps I won't - it was so much better than Italian.


Maurie said...

Have to feed the soul and the body. Nothing beats Italian food in ITALY!

M said...

Hi Maurie, we are reading your blog mate - it's keeping us up with what Terry & Dallas are up to, (otherwise we just get texts from them at 2am telling us how hot it is). It's also nice to see some pictures of you all and the scenery.

Say hi to T & D for us!