Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Relaxing in Penang

Leigh dining at the Food Court

At work with the EEE PC.
Tuesday 26 August
Exploring the hawkers last night was quite good fun. First off we found a great food hall type place where there was a huge range of foods available at a very good price. We started with chapati and dahl and chapati and chicken for 7 Ringitt ($3) and followed this with a shared Chicken Murtabak for 5 rng ($2). The three beers cost 37rng ($16). The food was outstanding and served amongst a chaotic mix of tourists, locals and serving people.

From there we explored the hawker stalls where Leigh and I bought matching 'Rolex' watches for $22. We also explored some sarong type things for head students and are looking for batik poker shirts for Pete and Marcus. Bought some stuff, but a combination of running out of money and bags getting too heavy our options are limited. Will look at buying Lucy and Leigh some 'Puma' or 'Nike' shoes tonight for about $30.

Spent the day beside the pool. Only a couple of burnt patches from yesterday. Once again we had curry puffs for lunch before returning to the pool where I largely snooze and observe a few bikinis while Leigh reads.

The pattern seems to be very hot days followed by rain in the evening after the build up of big black clouds in the hills.

Plan to do much the same tomorrow and not do any of the sightseeing stuff. Will take my laptop to pool side and start pulling all the thinking together. I have to write a review of the EEEPC which has been awesome apart from a few little limitations. I also want to begin writing the sabbatical report that the MOE needs which will also act as a report to our BOT and plan for the future. The Australian part of the sabbatical, however, is still to come and will influence the final report.

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anaru.t said...

don't even try to keep the italian rugby cap
Interested to see you ran into Shanti Probst in Rome
anaru t