Friday, July 11, 2008

Thinking For Opotiki College

Possible Developments for Opotiki College (based on learnings so far)
Conditions For Best Learning (Barth)
With whole staff carry out the visualisation exercise which identifies the conditions under which the best learning has occurred for them. How do my classes/our school measure up against these? Ask volunteers (most probably ALG) to complete the same exercise with one of their classes. Conduct similar with group of parents. Collate all and produce the list of Conditions For Best Learning for Opotiki. Display everywhere and invite staff to incorporate those conditions in their planning.

Student Performance Targets (Howard)
Each subject area to develop:
proficiency targets for each year level and to display these in every one of their classrooms (use curriculum levels from NZC, Exemplars, ARBs)
programme of assessment (quarterly) that checks progress towards these targets for each student and that then
determines the teaching strategies from that point that will enable all students to meet the proficiency targets.
Provide a budget top up for those who have such a programme in place.

Lesson Structure/Writing/Monitoring (Monroe, Collins)
Staff PD on Five Types of Writing with agreement that all teachers will regularly (daily) use Types 1-3 (2).
Staff awareness of LM BBC lesson structure. Initial reading could be done on LM BBC in PRGs. (This will require discussion and agreement on homework).
All lessons follow the same format:
Students enter and write down their homework for that night.
Students complete the Do Now (Type 2 writing exercise based on last night's homework/yesterday's lesson/today's lesson) No teacher talk.
Go over Do Now
Go over some of the homework, perhaps collect some (roll the dice)
Briefly explain Lesson Aim (must be specific and achievable in that period)
Teacher teaches (briefer the better)
Students practice while being observed by teacher
Teacher reteaches based on what they are observing
Students continue practicing
Type 1 writing based on Lesson Aim that leads into the homework.
HW, Do Now and Lesson Aim and Sequence on Whiteboard in same place when kids arrive.

Teacher Feedback (Marshall)
Visit 5 teachers a day for 5 minutes. Complete a brief template to place in pigeon hole and invite discussion.
H Healthy (Physical and Psychological)
O Objectives (Lesson Aim and Unit Aims evident in room
T Teaching
E Engagement
L Learning

Keep a track of whom seen etc and then at end of year complete swipe sheets for all staff (Marshall Pack of notes).

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Joc and I reading from Jasper. Can't believe you have had time to write all this. All sounds great. Hope you had a great time at Scottie's wedding. We are having an awesome time here - Rockies awesome. Marg