Saturday, July 12, 2008

Arriving in Philadelphia

We're now on the train to Philadelphia which is only about 1 ½ hours. Our challenge will then be to find our way to the Desmond Hotel which is a wee way out of town.

Had a great breakfast of eggs, sausage and home fries with a couple of cups of New York coffee. We then walked to the Empire State Building and took the ride to the top for stunning views. It was good to have done this after having done a couple of tours so we could recognise landmarks, buildings and areas of the city.

We'd already visited one museum, but thought we had better check out the Museum of Sex but it it didn't open until 11.00 so we decided to check it out when we return net Friday. We can't help being culture vultures!

We wandered through Madison Park, had another coffee and went to check out. We thought we hqd until 12.00 but discovered at 11.00 we had to be out at 11.00. After a hurried pack we checked out, hailed a taxi and hit Pe4nn Station where we had a 2 hour wait for the train.

friday Night
What an effort getting to Malvern! We got off the train at Philladelphia and wondered not only where Malvern was but how to get there. We managed to find out where it was – a long way away – and to buy a train ticket and get on it as it was leaving the stattion. We then enjoyed a 45 min regional train ride stopping at 14 stations – one every few hundred metres. We spilled out on to the side of the tracks and wandered to what looked like the main street where we came across a policeman, who was in the middle of solving a crime, and he gave us the number of a taxi firm.

After half an hour the cab turned up driven by a local fireman who drove one of the five taxis in town. He gave us a few philosophies of life and marriage as he took us to the Desmond which is quite a flash hotel out in the middle of a corporate park in the middle of no where.

Scotty rang and arranged to meet us for a drink and to explain what was going on. Terry and I headed for the garden bar and a feed./ Scotty rang again to say he couldn't make it because his brothers wife was sick and at the doctors. We have arranged to meet him at Ma in Laws place in Blue Bell tomorrow at 3.00 for practice and a BBQ.

He sounds a bit overwhelmed. We also discovered that the wedding is not at the Desmond!!!

Terry and I were bloated after our feed and few beers so went for a walk around the corporate park before heading back to write up stuff.

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