Monday, July 21, 2008

Leigh should be somewhere in the air on the way to London. I got a text from Lucy when Leigh left Whakatane so I texted to ask how she was feeling with Leigh leaving. Her reply was, “hungry”. That's my girl!

Terry and I dodged the last couple of sessions at conference as we were a bit overflowing with new stuff. I'm even more determined to assist staff at Opotiki College to develop a blog site in Term IV with the intention of having them create them in 2009 for all of their classes. Then those who really get into it will develop the use of RSS and Bookmarks with their classes.

I also want to talk with Adrian abour wireless possibilities because what I have seen here is very fast and all conference centres and schools are on wireless. The conference had 1000 people accessing very fast speed wireless internet. I see that this will increase access capability, especially if the ASUS EEEPC at about $500 is a goer for class sets of laptops.

In the late afternoon yesterday we went for another hot weather jog and did most of our packing while cooling down. We then grabbed a hotel shuttle to Riverside Train Station (about 3k). We knew the shuttle stopped at 8.00pm, but were assured there would be taxis on our return. I took a cursory notice of the roads to the station and did have a map in my bag. We had a 45 minute train ride into Boston City Centre and we decided to head towards the Italian section for dinner.

We stumbled across a stone walled pub so were forced to enter in for a nicve cold beer before head into the Italian area. While I was carefully studying the menus for the best Italian fare to decide which we would enter, Terry firmly stated that we were going to that one over there on the corner. It turned out that this was because the two very attractive waitresses sitting on the door step luring customers made an impression on him. I actually never noticed them until Terry mentioned it at the table.

We were served by a very tolerant waitress who quite happily answered all my country boy questions about the menu, like “what is pasta?” . (I didn't actually know that I was asking that question!). While enjoying a couple of glasses of chianti we dined on calamari, chicken, pasta and italian sausage. Blew the budget a bit, but it was very nice.

Wandering back to the station we stumbled across the stone-walled pub and couldn't resist another visit before heading to the station. I was able to use a concession ticket someone gave me at the Riverside Station beause he didn't need it any more and Terry, after bumbling around with the ticiket machine, was able to use an old one I still had.

We arrived at the station to find no taxis so we started walking in the general direction. We stopped for a couple of times for Terry to pee on some very exclusive sections and for me to establish that even under a street light I could not read the street names on the map and, anyway, we couldn't determine where we were on the map. So we just walked on figuratively playing paper, rock, scissors at each intersection.

I will claim that my excellent navigation skills got us by the most direct route to our hotel while Terry was mumbling something about blind luck. Anyway, we decided to have one more Samuel Adams Summer Ale in the hotel bar before retiring.

An early rise saw us grabbing a nice limo to the South Station in Boston, and bagel, juice and coffee at thhe station. We are now on the train to New York.

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lucy said...

i knew ud like that txt but i was honestly quite hungry some might say starving infact.