Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Update

Have done a lot of travelling last few days and have had little opportunity to keep the diary up to date and to blog. I'll try to catch up over the next few hours.

Since the last post we arrived in London after a very long dat getting there from New York, via Boston and Frankfurt. I caught up with Leigh at Megs and after a couple of hours sleep she dragged me out by train to London where we walked from Waterloo down the river and back again until Meg finished work. We then had a feed at a Greek Restaurant and arrived exhausted back at her place.

The next morning Leigh and I were up to catch the bus to Heathrow where we met Terry and Dallas, picked up a rental car and headed to Liverpool. We got lost once on the way as we searched for an out of the way village for lunch. We finally reached Liverpool and got absolutely confused in peak hour traffic before we stumbled across our apartments.

We had a quick walk around town for a slack pub meal before heading back through the Cavern area (Beatles) and an early crash. This morning we walked around the Dock area and picked up information leaflets, left Leigh there and Terry, Dallas and I drove to Knowsley to have an awesome visit with David Roscoe about Building Schools for the Future. He is a passionate man who is at the cutting edge of leading a whole region in rebuilding schools and requiring a new pedagogy.

Once again we got a bit lost on return and headed off in the wrong direction on the M62. We made it back!

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