Friday, July 11, 2008

Technology Issues

One-by-one I have solved the various technology issues. I am hugely pleased I bought and brought the EEE PC as it would have been painful accessing internet and email on the Samsung Global.

The EEE PC connects easily to a wireless network so it has been easy getting emails and checking the NZ Herald. I had two frustrations which I have overcome.
I couldn't get the EEE PC to pick up my digital camera. Even after checking the Help Manual and following the instructions I was being unsuccessful. I then hade a hunch that one of the screens I needed to check should have had an Apply button. Sure enough it was hidden right at the bottom and I could just see the top of it. After checking that and following my nose I was away!
I couldn't post to my blog. I am not sure how I solved it but it came up with HTML errors. Not knowing anything about HTML I simply deleted some of the HTML code and eventually I was successful. What a clever nerd!
10 days into the trip I attempted to call home and found I couldn't make calls on my Samsung Global even though I was sending and receiving texts. I had been careful, before departure, to organise global roaming and write everything down in my notebook. I emailed Leigh who contacted the Helpdesk. I had been phoning 001647 before the Opotiki number, but I should have been phoning 011647. Problem now fixed.
the only problem I still have, which I am sure I could solve given time, is loading photos onto Flickr. I'll check that out some time.
Preliminary Review of EEE PC
This is an excellent travelling machine. It is very intuitive and does not really need a manual. On start up you simply choose a tab (Internet, Work, Learn, Play or Settings). When you click on Internet you get a number of big buttons. I just clicked on Wireless Networks which gives me a series to choose from and then I click on the Web button to access internet. Very easy.

Clicking on the Work Tab gives you access to another large set of buttons for word, excel, powerpoint and pdf equivalents. The most used button is File Manager which holds My Documents etc.

The Play tab gives you a series of buttons for photos and music etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maurie

I see the 'Barbie' laptop now comes with a lot more hard drive equivalant memory; more RAM; Windows; a higher price; and in BLACK. Black makes it much more serious machine!

Enjoy sunny England.