Friday, July 11, 2008

New York! New York!

Thursday 10 July
We arrived in New York yesterday afternoon and checked into the Gershwin Hotel, which is quite a quirky place – much like a backpackers just off 5th Ave on 27th St. We immediately headed off and walked north to Times Square where qwe bought a $50 tour ticket which gave us 3 days of tripping around.

We walked on up to Central Park where we watched baseball and cruisede around. Just on dark we ended up back at Times Square and jumped on the Night Tour bus which gave us a 2 hour trip down Broadway, over the Manhattan Bridge, around Brooklyn and then back through Little Italy and Chinatown to Times Square again.

We had a horrible feed in a 24 hour eatery and then headed back to crash.

This morning we found a nice breakfast place, headed towards the Empire State Building and jumped on our tour bus and headed south towards to the World Trade Centre where we saw the work in progress to rebuild.

We then walked on south to the Ferry terminal and organised our ticket to the Statue of Liberty. We had an hour to kill so we toured the Nationl museum which was displaying native indian taonga.

After a 45 minute wait in the hot sun we boarded our boat and toured the Hudson River past the skyline and then out to the Statue of Liberty, which was a more impressive sight than I expected.

We then jumped back on the bus, missed our stop and headed towards Soho, finding a nice bar for a cold beer on the way. We visited the Apple Store and then wandered up through Greenwich Village, checking out a great record shop and stumbled across a great bar 2 blocks from home. We knocked back a few very nice beers, had a feed and have ended up back at the Gershwin.

I'll tell you something about New York – the women are beautiful! They wear flash clothes and wear a strong attitude! New York is a wonderful city – great buildings, great food, great shops in great villages and beautiful women.

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