Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot Walk to Richmond

It has been a scorcher of a day and we have returned to the flat quite knackered. Just before 11.00 we set off walking towrds the Thames which we followed for several kilometres to Richmond. This was quite a walk in very strong heat with us getting hungrier and hungrier. The walk went through Kingston and Teddington where we watched the locks in action as boats passed through and then ended up in Richmond. There were 100s of people out walking, biking, picnicing and boating.

We ended up in a pub in Richmond town for lunch and a beer before walking bck to a pub on the river bank for another beer and race to the ferry which took us to Kingston and our final walk to Surbiton.

I promptly fell asleep reading the Sunday papers. I'll be inter4sted in finding out today's temperature

Just found out it was 30!

Posting photos is a it more awkward as I have to move them to Meg's computer. Will post some later.

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luce said...

seems like you stop off at quite a few pubs on these holidays.