Monday, September 24, 2007

Sausages at Matawai

Sunday saw the Boss, Kerr and I do the Motu MTB ride in very good conditions. Little wind, slight drizzle; just a little bit of sticky mud. The big shame was Lea succumbing to the flu and not being able to take part. She actually took the day off work on Friday!

I was wrapt with my time of 3hr 10 which is my second fastest behind my race day of 3hr 8. It was good to establish some time marks - 2 hrs to top of Papamoa, 2 11 to small ford before last big climb and 3 hrs to top of last hill. I'll keep them in mind. Kerr finished only a few minutes back with the Boss a little further back. We had to chase Kerr out of the Women's toilets but this is pretty minor behaviour from him.

We were met at Motu by Kurt and Agnes. Kurt and I ran the course from the Falls Bridge. It took me 70 minutes which equates to about 1 hr 35 for the full run. In the meantime Kerr took off road cycling and I haven't heard how he got on. We never caught him because we stopped at Matawai where I consume TWO!!!! fried sausages, washed them down with a long black and the followed up with a Magnum Icecream for pudding! Perfect!

It was a pretty tough day but if I can do 3 10 on the MTB and follow that up with 1.35 on the run (and then hang on from then) on the day I should go close to my best time of 10hrs 18min.

Soory there is a lot about me, me, me in this post but I'm not like these other fellows who like to keep their times secret!!

I'm expecting a crew from Environment Waikato to come over next weekend to train so I'll keep you posted.

Also on Sunday Leigh, Shirley and Marg set off from Waiaua and attacked the Meremere. Leigh and Shirley got to the top and Marg failed to summit. This was a great effort from all of them.

Get well, Lea.

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