Monday, September 10, 2007

Challenge Road Challenge

Lea, Kerr and I made a rare visit to the TFO where we were reintroduced to the boss and treated with beautiful coffee. We then headed off (only 15 mins late) to Amokura Rd, over the range into Waiotahe Valley and back through Browns Rd and Old Creamery where the boss treated us with a bowl of hot soup and more fine coffee.

It was a great but gruelling ride. Dr had a neat fall in the mud which ripped his pants and shorts but then took it out on us by being first up the hill in possibly just under 40 minutes. He was followed by myself in 42 mins(who had hung back a bit at the start to check that Lea was alright after falling on the uphill at 0 kph but diving on the rocks to protect her bike from being scratched!) then Lea (45 mins) and the boss (50 mins).

The downhill was awesome with yours truly throwing caution to the wind and flying over the rocks and loose gravel on what must be one of the longest steepest descents in our area. Dr had all the fun and had another spill because he put his brakes on!!!!!. It was getting more and more difficult to explain to Agnes that his injuries were due to mowing the lawns (wnich he was supposed to be doing while she was away, but returning at 2.00 that afternoon!!). The boss followed next and many minutes later Lea appeared! Just let it go!

The ride home was tough as usual but it was good to be out with the boss again.

The rides from now on will be up the Motu Rd as the event looms larger.

All-in-all a great weekend with Lea coping with the river and a tough ride in the hills.

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Jarrod said...

Maurie, what a laugh. Amazing the damage to your body a lawn mower can do. Yes, brakes are a dangerous thing. To be safe, don't use them. Lea..its inevitable, your bike will get scratched.