Saturday, September 8, 2007

Most Improved Kayaker

The trip up to the start of the paddle was very stressful. The tension was such that everyone was scared to talk. That didn't stop Maia, Mac, Pete and myself doing our best to psyche Lea up for the paddle because we didn't want a repeat of the 17 swims. Lea didn't respond very well and we were all the victims of her vicious tongue!

Lea had borrowed Kurt's waka (sea kayak) and felt a bit nervous about being hemmed in by the skirt. She expressed a real appreciation about the supportive emails she received from all of you concerned about her welfare! Even one of my staff members asked me to make sure she was OK!

What a great trip - 15 mins to that bad rapid and no swims, 15 mins to the gauge and no swims, 15 minutes to the bridge and no swims (8 last week), 15 mins to the gravel pit and no swims, 40 min to the staircase and no swims, 45 mins to the old cafe and no swims, 30 mins to end and no swims. 2hr 55 compared to 4hr 05! We did take the fat man route to the left on the 2nd to last bend so it wont be totally conquered until Lea takes the right hand narly shute there.

You wouldn't want the river much lower (1.5) but it was a more satisfying paddle, though not as entertaining.

Well done, Lea!

I still want to hear from everyone who paddles the river and get reports on mishaps and successes etc. Just click on the comment tab in green at the end of the post to make your comment.


Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Bravo Lea! What a difference a boat makes!
Didn't you get any photos from the Sports' Dinner Maurie?

Jarrod said...

See, its really not that hard. All it took was a little know how, and can do!!

Oh no, all this rain we're having, it going to make that river angry and wild!!...just kidding

LEA said... 'vicious tounge' has nothing on the 'Tough Love' I got on the way up - from both males and my children (who I thought loved me a little bit). It's pretty tough when you finally resurface after being bumped along rocks to hear your seven year old laughing out loud from the river bank!!!(that was last week). However, I held it together and got in that damn river. My knees were knocking all the way to the Gravel Pit (not from the cold). After that point it was all smiles. Now I'm back to worring about the run again. Yes, thank you Maurie for sticking it out...