Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Car Crash

Yesterday Leigh wrote our car off in a car accident!!! In fact, the car was written off by the other vehicle rather than by Leigh. Turning right into Tirohanga Rd and waiting for oncoming cars she was rearended by Whanarere, spun around and across the other side of the road. Thankfully, Leigh only suffered some bruised ribs (possibly cracked) but the car was totalled along with my trusty old bike carrier.

Be careful out there!

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Leigh said...

Judge for yourselves my ranking - the first remark he made was (with a howl of anguish) "you've wrecked my bike holder!"
Jarrod was first in with a phone call as well "hear you might be in the market for a new car - have I got a deal for you! oh hope Leigh is ok" (thanks for the wheels tho Jarrod)