Saturday, September 1, 2007

Waioweka Wetness

Lea and I decided to have our first paddle down the Waioweka in preparation for the Motu. I was keen just to do one section but Lea, in typical fashion wanted to do the whole thing. What was going to be difficult about a 2 1/2 - 3 hour paddle. She was looking forward to gliding down the river and through the rapids on Pete's sit-on Eliminator.

How many times did she tip out? 3, 4, 5, 8 times? In fact, it was 8 - before the Tauranga Bridge! then 2 more before the gravel pit! then 5 more in the next 30 minutes and then 2 more on the last 2 bends! 17 swims!!!! 3 hours 55 minutes!!!!

I heard some bad language! I paddled an extra 5k going back, twice to get her waka which was wedged back in the rapids and many times towing her and her waka to the shore. Talk about resistance training.

We're going again next Saturday if anyone wants a laugh.


Anonymous said...

I only wish it was untrue - next saturday is a private show!!!

jakal said...

Hi, We are two retired school teachers from the USA trying to avoid the tourist and backpacker groups. We just bought tickets to Opotiki and have been researching the area. We've enjoyed reading your blog. Jim and Linda Krall

Teds said...

A big lack of concentration by the sounds of it. Don't fret though. Vaughne who is in his 4th year of the kayak stage tipped out 3 times. Its all in ya head Lea, paddle down those rapids like you own them - Domination!! full concentration!! you do not want to get wet. Think along those line and you will dominate.