Sunday, September 2, 2007

Stanley Rd!

Day 2 of a very hectic training weekend.

Where's the boss? 2 weekends away!

Lea and I set off from Wellington St clubhouse and found Dr Kerr at the bridge and we headed off into a strong wind aiming for Stanley Rd. We stopped at Nukuhou Dairy for a feed stop and Lea shared a barley sugar which is better than what she did at Houpoto - see earlier post. The barley sugar was worse for the wear as a result of spending a lot of time in the water - see yesterday's post.

The Dr decided to turn back because he had to have a Fathers' Day lunch with kids and then off for a paddle. Lea and I continued. The climb over Stanley Rd was quite nice - very sticky mud, not too steep and beautiful bush and waterfalls - sorry no camera. Of course the best bit was the descent into the Wainui! It was quite a haul back home but we cruised along at 28-33kph with a slight tail wind.

Absolutely knackered at the end but not surprising after yesterday's paddle and today's 80k at 23kph average!

Beautiful pumpkin soup and coffee at the end! What a great way to spend Father's Day.

I still can't get over Lea's 17 swims during the kayak yesterday. I want all of you Motu trainers to leave a comment on this blog telling us how many times anyone falls out. Lea needs some motivation so don't be shy.

Note the comments on the last post. Someone out there is also reading! The retired American teachers need to make contact so we know when they are in Opotiki.

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