Monday, October 1, 2007

Jan and Dave "I'm not much of a runner!!"

Jan and Dave visited from Hamilton to do some Motu training this weekend. We sussed each other out over a few beers on Friday night and then set off for a big day on Saturday.

After watching Tonga fall to the Poms the boss, Jan, Dave and myself headed off on the MTB course. On the Whitikau Dave and I got a bit of a jump on the other two. Just before Dave dropped me he asked me waht my strongest discipline was and I foolishly said running to which he replied "I'm not much of a runner." I thought nothing more of that.

I should've been suspicious when he not only dropped me but after getting to the end rode back to meet me 500m from the finish!!

It was another fantastic ride on 3hrs 9min! There were many other riders and one guy had a fall after hitting a weka. He bloodied his knees but we hope the weka is OK.

Lea had driven up to meet us as she was still out with the flu. She drove us to the Motu Falls and Jan Dave (I'm not much of a runner) and I started the run in the bush. Dave and I dropped Jan who bailed out and headed back without telling us. We waited for 15 min at end of the bush before other runners telling us he had gone back.

With that Dave (I'm not much of a runner) and I loped off with 5k to go. From that point Dave floated on and disappeared into the distance. The only consolation was that he did not run back to meet me after he had finished!

Lea and I then road biked from Matawai. Of course, I was a bit shagged by this point and there was a howling gale as a head wind. And of course Lea was as fresh as daisies not having trained for over a week.

She dropped me on the first hill and when I caught up I gave her a little test. I told her to go on and not wait for me. After having looked after her for several months of training I fully expected a response of "No we'll stick together and I'll pull you through." Her response was "OK" and took off!!!! Test failed.

For the next 1 1/2 hours I slogged manfully and lonely into the head wind!!!!

I got over my disappointment by having a spa, a few beers, a BBQ of venison etc with Pete and Lea, Marg The Boss, Jan, Dave )I'm not much of a runner), Dad, Hedley and Teleri and old Mad dog Telfer and Faith.

Have to go and have a coffee at 2Fish now so I'll let you know about the Sunday paddling in the next post.

All of the above is true.


Lea said...

The conversation heading up Traffords went like this:
(Lea waited for Maurie to catch-up because she realised that he was struggling along on his hunk of steel)
Lea: You okay?
Maurie: Just a bit shagged, don't wait for me, you need a good blow out and I need to practice for the day where I'll be out here on my own.
Lea: Are you sure?
Maurie: Yep, go ahead
Lea: You'll catch me on the down hill
Maurie: We'll see, remember I'll be right behind you, so keep looking over your shoulder
Lea: See ya

davids said...

Tempting as it is to deny, it is all true. Especially the bit about being not much of a runner. A great weekend thanks Leigh and Maurie and friends, a tempting introduction to the Motu.

Might give it go next year. Being not much of a runner it is nice to find a multisport event suited to a cyclist.

The day is nearly upon you, so all the best. Jan has been doing a bit of secret hill training, we spotted him on the Ngutunui hill so watch out on that mountain bike leg. Tash is a bit of runner so if you beat Jan up the hill watch your back then look out for her running back to meet you at the finish (my only regret from the weekend).