Monday, October 1, 2007

Didn't Fall Out But We Bailed Out

After a hard day's training and feasting the day before (see previous post) Hedley, Lea and I with Marg's support headed out to paddle the Waioweka. The river was at about 1.7 so there was quite a good flow and we were looking forward to a good time.

There was a little bit of drizzle just after the start but we pressed on and enjoyed the better water flow. The rain and wind kept getting heavier and stronger and for those of us without wetsuits it was getting colder and colder. Our highlight was passing a group of six paddlers in flash boats with two of them in the water while we charged through the rapids!!

As we reached the gravel pit the rain and wind got stronger and we decided to bail out. There will be many versions of how we came to that decision. Lea will claim that the boys whimped out. An alternative worth considering is that the decision was made to ensure our recovering co-competitor didn't make her flu return. Most will find this version difficult to accept because how could someone suggest something so supportive when they were badly let down the day before by said recovering co-competitor (see previous post).

Pete from Auckland also bailed out and we were able to cart him down to the bottom of the paddle.

Training will be quite low key now so not too tired on the day.

We're off to Te Kaha for 3 day's break then to Hamilton to have dinner on Friday with Thomas who turns 21 tomorrow.

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