Sunday, October 7, 2007

175 days in a row which includes a swim!

Thomas turned 21 last week so Leigh, Sam, Lucy and I went over to Hamilton on Friday and took him out to tea where we had fine Thai and a few too many beers. He really liked his pounamu - one from Lucy and another from the rest of us.

Came back on Saturday to find Lea had had a good day up the Motu. She MTBed up in about 3.30 and then ran from the Motu Falls Bridge in about 1 26. This would give her about a 2hr run which is great after the MTB and considering her 2 weeks of flu. The boss did a great job looking after her.

On Sunday after the devastating rugby!!!!!! Lea and Andrew biked up to Oponae and then Lea and I paddled the full course. The river was good at about 1.7 but there was a strong head wind all of the way. Lea made it down without swimming which gives her an average now of 3.4 swims per paddle. 17 on the first and then none since.

I made her day by falling out. In an ttempt to avoid running in to her I cut out of the white water through the eddy and flipped. It made her day. My average is now 0.2!!!!

We were stoked to paddle in a fraction over 2 hr 30!!

Predictions for the day:

Lea 11hr (3.15, 2hrs, 1.55, 2.50, 20min, 20min + 20 min transitions)

Maurie 10hr 25 (3.10, 1.35, 2hrs, 2.40, 20min, 20min +20min transitions).

There! That's setting me up for a fall!

175 days in a row today.


Anonymous said...

Oh well too bad about the rugby, but just think more coverage for Motu, hope we see some of the locals in some tv coverage, especially those mad people who go 175 days straight - and some of the local teams (local meaning all team members must live in Opotiki) see you at at the finish line!

Anonymous said...

good on ya maurie and lea, Good luck for on saturday, ill have a beer for the 2 of ya when ive finished my stage,but ull still be on the mountian bike.