Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working As A Team

On Monday morning I rang Margie Burrell at Education Queensland. I was a little worried as I hadn't heard from her all last week. She said she hadn't received my latest emails but we have arranged to meet on Thursday morning.

We all met at breakfast and agreed to meet together for the morning and discuss school development plans. We arranged a conference room and brought along the packs of material I had provided them.

We began by discussing the building plans I had begun to develop for the school. We had a great time pouring over them and got some great feedback and further ideas. After that discussion I am more determined to move the canteen so that the flow of students through the open foyer continues through the canteen site, through large doors and onto a stage and steps overlooking the quad. The canteen would be rebuilt on the southside of B9 and that quad area be turned into an outdoor cafe setting.

It was also suggested that a low display cabinet be placed in the foyer to establish flows through the front door for visitors and students. Another suggestion was to have the doors off the B and C Block decks wide so that they gave a free flow through to the outsisde. The major discussion around C Block was enclosing the corridor from C1 to the Hall entrance and including decks on the north side of C1-4 as well. This would give computer/seminar space for all of C1-3, more flexibility for the use of toilets and resource rooms as alternative space and create more covered decking in the quad area opposite the planned stage. This plan would also give C$ more space for photography computers. I am now more in favour of building our new toilet block where the current tennis court toilet block is.

Andrew has also included a request to astroturf the tennis courts and I think, after the visit to Calamvale is going to want the gym floo resurfaced.

We then discussed the plans I have wikied for a programme of teacher observations. We had a great discussion about that and saw great value in it. Each person has also agreed to look at one of the Teacher Rubrics and make it relevant to our school.

We then had a discussion about what we would likely see at the schools during the week. After arranging for Lea to fax over the ALG questions we then had a free afternoon. Teryl and Vickee headed off to Fortitude Valley and Chinatown while the boys headed into the CBD to shop. Andrew soon disappeared into a maze of malls while Kurt and I found Rocking Horse Records and bought some music. I now have all but 5 of the top 115 of the Top 500 Records of all time!

Kurt and I wandered to the river and caught a ferry to Southbank. Not much was happening there though Kurt did a bit of goggling at the bikini babes at the artificial beach. I didn't notice them!

We wandered back over the bridge and headed back for a rest.

At 6.00 we met up and taxied to Chinatown to visit what I think is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. It is simply called The Vietnamese Restaurant. We ordered a banquet and dined on dim sums, duck, quail, and spring rolls for entree, followed by the best squid ever, fish, chicken, bok choy and rice. It was superb and I was relieved as I had been talking this place up. If you are in Brisbane you must go.

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