Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in Opotiki!

Tuesday 2nd September
We're back at home.

It was great to arrive at Whakatane Airport to see Mum and Dad waiting for us. They took us to The Bean for a great coffee. We couldn't stop talking about our trip and they couldn't stop talking about Opotiki and whanau events!

Mum cooked us a great kiwi feed of corned beef and spuds and we enjoyed their company for the evening. We are looking forward to seeing Lucy on Wednesday when we visit her at the soccer tournament in Taupo.

Leigh has gone to Gisborne today for library PD andd I've been for a jog, read local papers, sent off my EEE PC review, sent financial stuff to Joc at school and talked with Robyn for quite a while this morning. She has been doing an outstanding job and had dealt with some difficult issues.

After updating my blog I'm going to do some work around the section. 6 kereru are in residence and the trees are in blossom!

I'm then going to attempt to cook a Malaysian type meal for dinner and tonight begin the process of upgrading to broadband. On Thursday I will visit the travel agent to ensure the Aussie part of the trip is organised and on Friday I will visit school for morning tea and to catch up with staff, especially those going to Aussie.


Gisborne Library Network said...

Hello Possum,
We've got Leigh! We know what you two have been up to.
The secret librarians society of Gisborne and Wairoa

Ariadne aka Marilyn said...

Corned beef & spuds!! Don't you recall the gourmet component of the meal - the Melitzanes sto Fourno?

goooooood girl said...

So good......