Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last Evening in Australia

Feeling a bit slow this morning while waiting to check out, spend some time in town and then head out to the airport. Kurt and I headed down river to Regatta for a feed at the Boatshed. I had garlic prawns and snapper and he had lamb cutlets and barramundi. Andrew had a quiet night in while Teryl and Vickee met up with some friends and hit the pubs in town.

When we got back on the ferry we stopped at the Grand Central Station Pub where there was a live band Karaoke and lots of drunk people. We had quite a few top shelf drinks while I watched Kurt fighting off drunken babes! Not really!

We wandered back at about 1.00 but I stayed up as longas I could so I would drink heaps of water and crashed about 2.00. Teryl got back at about 11.00 while Vickee was out to about 4.30am! Have had breakfast but no sign of the boys yet.

Feeling bad because I forgot to do my Learning Matters column.

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