Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Penang and A New Blog

Wednesday 27 August
Went to the same food stalls last night and we each had a plate of sizzling noodles. Leigh's was chicken and vegetables and mine was seafood (shrimps, prawns, octopus with chicken and mushrooms. Very delicious!

We looked at more of the stalls, but again it was raining by now. I don't enjoy the bartering, besides things are cheap enough anyway. We bought a couple of batik shirts for Pete and Marcus and a sarong for Lucy from a stall run by the hearing impaired which made it difficult to barter which suited me. I hope I don't see her listening and talking later!

This morning was a bit of a slow start for me as my head feels a bit out of sorts. Not sure what I mean, but feel a bit gloomy. Lying by the pool and having a swim makes things a bit better. Poolside I have drafted my EEE PC review and written the introduction for my sabbatical report – not bad for someone on holiday.

We had our usual curry puffs for lunch then bought some horrible beach shorts for the head boys and some sarongy skirt things for Lucy to give to some friends.

It then started to persist down so took a break in the room. Started a new blog itiaki.blogspot.com which includes some neat how to videos on IT use from www.commoncraft.com.

Once again hit the hawkers and food stall. We bought some more clothing type gifts for people including some stuff for Lucy to give to friends.

Tonight we ate black pepper prawns and a chichen murtabak. This was quite an expensive feed - $15.00 (not counting the Tiger beer and lime juice of course).

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