Thursday, September 18, 2008


It is now Wednesday morning and I am sitting in the Cattle City Motor Inn in Rockhampton waiting to go to North Rockhampton State High School to look at their trans-disciplinary approach. It was a bit of an effort to get here as our flights departure time moved from 6.15 to 7.30. When we arrived at the Cattle City at 9.05pm we discovered that their restaurant closed at 9.00pm and that the food option was KFC 30 minutes walk away. We settled on delivered pizzas and a good talk about things we had seen at our visit to Calamvale and school things in general.

Everyone took different things from the visit and it was good to hear what people had to say. The discussion soon broadened to things like what it takes to be a good teacher at Opotiki. It was great for everyone to talk candidly. I am learning more about all four as the trip progresses and feel the school is in great hands.

Let's retrace steps a little.

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